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Hockey Manager - Oakland Ice Center - Oakland Ice Center - Operated by Sharks Ice (Oakland, CA)

On and off the ice, the people of Sharks Sports & Entertainment are motivated, enthusiastic team players. We host incredible, world class entertainment, major events, operate community ice rinks that run best in class hockey programs, and of course are home to the legendary San Jose Sharks. We know what it takes to win, and continue to be one of the most exciting sports and entertainment franchises in the Bay Area. We have an exciting opportunity at one of our best in class ice centers.

Oakland Ice Center Operated by Sharks Ice is seeking a passionate hockey candidate to fill a vital role to manage the Oakland Hockey Program. The successful candidate must b a high-energy people person with a wide range of skills, including a love of the game, strong instructional skills and the ability to work effectively kids, parents and adults. Excellent organizational and communication skills, patience and the ability to create a fun learning environment are a must. More than a coach or administrator, the successful candidate will provide exemplary training and development opportunities for youth and adults, while meeting the financial objectives of the Oakland Ice Center. Finally, this role will help create an environment where fun and fundamentals keep our kids, parents and adults coming back year after year.
Qualifications and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
• Record of high achievement as hockey player or hockey coach in a competitive environment
• Three years previous experience as a supervisor or program manager, overall 6+ years of experience in related field
• Coach or instructors’ training certification (USA or Canada).
• Demonstrated ability to design and deliver effective training programs.
• Experience organizing, developing and conducting quality hockey camps, clinics and leagues.
• Outstanding interactive skills that will support the organization’s efforts to develop an acclaimed and productive community hockey facility and instructional/developmental program.
• Ability to work well with youth and adults, including parents of participants, and to develop a positive relationship with customers; projects a friendly, outgoing personality and enjoys being with people.
• Ability to deliver public speeches in a persuasive manner.
• Ability to provide instruction for extended periods of time while ice skating and standing on skates.
• Team player; ability to work well with co-workers, accept the authority of superiors, and respect the role of all staff members in the success of our business.
• Ability to effectively interact within a socio-economically diverse community.
• Flexible working hours, including evenings, weekends, holidays and high customer volume periods related to areas of job responsibility.
• Physically fit and able to perform all job functions as described, including the ability to ice skate, stand for long periods of time, squat, bend over, and lift up to 40 pounds.

Key Attributes

Exhibit company core values: 

Corporate Values

All Employees


We focus on the needs of customers, co-workers and community

·         We contribute to the well-being of the greater community through involvement

·         We look for opportunities to deliver Plus One service contribute to the well-being of greater community through

·         We exhibit humility and compassion for the needs, interests and thoughts of others.

·         We deliver a wide range of events that appeal to our community in a safe and friendly environment.

·         We consistently deliver experiences and solutions that exceed expectations.


We have a strong sense of passion for what we do, our workplace and our brand.

·         We know our business

·         We are great at what we do

·         We wear, display and respect the logo

·         We overcome challenges and are resilient

·         We continuously improve and maintain our facilities and services

·         We create positive experiences for others

·         We enjoy what we do


We consistently hold ourselves to a high standard through trust, honesty and loyalty, always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

·         We are always direct, open and honest

·         We are transparent and effective in our communications

·         We are accountable for our actions and decisions

·         We earn the trust of each other

·         We do what we say and say what we mean

·         We give credit where credit is due


We treat others the way that we want to be treated.

·         We recognize that all our roles are important to the success of the organization

·         We show up on time

·         We consider how our actions affect others

·         We honor work life balance

·         We  act through differences directly with people involved

·         We are humble in victory, gracious in defeat

·         We appreciate the diversity each person brings

I Am Dedicated

We are committed to making our organization the best in sports and entertainment

·         We do what it takes to get the job done

·         We go above and beyond our regular job duties

·         We maintain a positive attitude

·         We rise to the challenge

·         We strive to achieve and exceed our goals

·         We are fearless in the pursuit of excellence

·         We operate with a sense of urgency and accountability to deliver results

·         We are proactive and innovative


We are cooperative and selflessly work toward achieving common goals

·         We share tools, information, skills and ideas with others to create success

·         We actively listen

·         We motivate others through example, positive energy and positive reinforcement

·         We participate in activities that build camaraderie

·         We have each other’s back


Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. What job responsibilities do you excel at?
2. What people, team, and leadership skills are your strongest?
3. What are the key motivators that excite you to perform at your very best?
4. Why did you leave your last job?
5. What management approaches are most effective in maximizing your performance?
6. Where would you expect to be in two years? If you were to get this job and you were to perform up to your own highest expectations, what job title, rank, or other level would you expect to be at?
7. What is the minimum starting yearly salary that you will accept for this position?

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